Low-carb is Lekker Three

Low-carb is Lekker Three

Over 115 Low-Carb High-Nutrition Recipes

Inè Reynierse


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Low Carb is Lekker Three continues the journey begun by Inè Reynierse in 2015, when her award-winning cookbook, Low Carb is Lekker, took the country by storm. Building on the demand for carb-conscious, sugar-free and grain-free meals, Inè’s recipes put the emphasis on nutritionally upgraded, healthy eating. Her dishes don’t require speciality ingredients or expensive food substitutes. Living in a small Boland town, she has learnt to be creative with what she has to hand: good quality meat and dairy, and the freshest vegetables and herbs. Her dressings, dips, sauces and gluten-free flour mixes form the basis of a superb selection of recipes that will take you from breakfast to dinner and from weekday family meals to weekend entertaining. With her focus on improving general health and wellbeing, Inè’s recipes will appeal to anyone who wants to put good food on the table every day of the week.


Inè Reynierse:
Inè Reynierse , functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, nutrigenomics recipe developer, and best-selling cookbook author presents a new collection of nutritionally ‘upgraded’ recipes that are low carb, sugar-free and budget-friendly. As a mother of four, Inè understands how food brings people together and how preparing meals for those you love can be a way to nourish not just their bodies, but also their hearts and minds. Time spent at home during the Covid pandemic allowed her to refine and adjust her approach to family meals and create a flexible meal system that takes account of meets low carb requirements without sacrificing flavour or variety.