Cooking with Mushrooms

Cooking with Mushrooms

A Fungi Lover's Guide to the World's Most Versatile, Flavorful, Health-Boosting Ingredients

Andrea Gentl


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In her extraordinary first cookbook, Andrea Gentl brings to her subject equal parts knowledge and technique, along with a unique passion and sensibility. From sprinkling adaptogenic powder over granola to reinventing schnitzel with king trumpets, Cooking with Mushrooms expands our ideas of how to use mushrooms as both a food and a flavor, a seasoning and the star of the plate.

Here are a variety of mushroom broths to make you feel better. Breakfast recipes like Soupy Eggs with Chanterelles. Mushroom Larb or a Crispy Shiitake “Bacon” Endive Wedge Salad makes the perfect lunch. Mushroom Ragu or a Roast Chicken with Miso Mushroom Butter can change the dinner game, and a Maple Mushroom Ice Cream will transform your ideas about dessert.

The dishes might sound familiar—lasagna, risotto, a bourguignon, brownies—but the ingredients and flavors are as unexpected as they are delicious. In all, Cooking with Mushrooms features nearly 100 recipes that unlock the powerful flavors and health-giving properties of the world’s most magical ingredient.


Andrea Gentl:
Andrea Gentl is an award-winning food and travel photographer. Over the span of her 30-year career, she has photographed the world’s leading chefs and culinary pioneers. Best known for her signature light and detailed compositions, Gentl tells a distinct story, entirely her own, through her images. It is from that perspective, as well as through extensive global travel, that she writes, cooks, and creates. Gentl works in collaboration with her husband and partner, Martin Hyers. This is her first cookbook.