Thammi's Gift

Thammi's Gift

Himani Dalmia


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Five-year-old Devika does not want to start at a new school. As the anxiety looms over her, she is paid a surprise visit. Her grandmother, Thammi, who "became a star" two years ago, sweeps her off on a magical journey. Their adventures lead Devika to overcome her fears, as she discovers the healing power of books, libraries and doing what one loves.

This book takes inspiration from the true story of pioneering Indian librarian, Bandana Sen. After creating monumental reading spaces in schools all her life, the last library she built was for her granddaughters at their home.

A reassuring book for children coping with transitions like starting school or losing a grandparent.


Himani Dalmia:

Himani Dalmia is mamma to two little read-o-sauruses, Devika and Yamini, in addition to three dogs and several fish. When she isn't reading to all of them, she is cooking up stories on her laptop or helping little ones sleep better as a baby and toddler sleep specialist. She is the author of Life is Perfect, a novel for adults, and co-author of Sleeping Like a Baby: The Art & Science of Gentle Baby Sleep, a bedside companion for parents of 0-5 year olds. She is co-founder of the large parenting community, Gentle Baby Sleep India, and a leader of the La Leche League. She earned a Master's in South Asian Literature from the University of Oxford after graduating with Honours in English from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University. Married to her high school sweetheart, Akash Premsen, Himani had a front-row seat to her super cool mother-in-law Bandana Sen's work in the field of children's libraries for two decades. As a parent counsellor, Himani is a staunch advocate of the power of children's literature to inspire, inform, heal and nourish.