Anti-Aging Dishes from Around the World

Anti-Aging Dishes from Around the World

Recipes to Boost Immunity, Improve Skin, Promote Longevity, Lower Inflammation, and Detoxify

Grace O.


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Nearly 300 Recipes that Feature the Healthiest Foods from around the World

Chef and author Grace O has traveled the world in search of delicious, good-for-you foods. Her passion for discovering food treasures from the Blue Zones and elsewhere, where people live longer, healthier lives, is the driving force behind and her new cookbook, Age-Defying Dishes of the World.

In her third cookbook, Grace O delivers all the hallmarks of her two previous award-winning cookbooks, and more. In addition to over 200 easy-to-make recipes using everyday favorites, exotic ingredients, and superfoods from around the world, Age-Defying Dishes of the World includes healthy resources, helpful guides, and tips for improving your lifespan and "health-span."

Grace O’s global approach to her age-fighting recipes ramps up the flavor profiles of each dish to entice food lovers everywhere. She takes classic recipes and gives them international twists with a few simple steps, creating very interesting meals. For example, people will love her global take on chicken soup with recipes developed with Chinese, French, Greek, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Indian variations. She does the same thing with basic sauces, pesto, main dishes, pastas, and bowls, and includes recipes with African, Southeast Asian, Latin American, Polynesian, Scandinavian, European, and Australian ingredients.

The book also features guides to key herbs and spices from around the globe, and to the top 50 foods for longevity, healthy sweeteners, cooking oils, ancient grains, and more.

All proceeds from Age-Defying Dishes of the World will be donated to the Grace O Foundation, which supports educating the public about nutrition, working with other food-based non-profits, and participating in research that explores food and the diseases of aging.


Grace O.:
Grace O has been cooking and baking professionally all of her adult life. As a young adult in Southeast Asia, she managed her family’s cooking school and eventually opened three restaurants. Grace has worked more than twenty years in the health-care industry and is the owner and CEO of three senior living facilities in California. She is the author of The Age GRACEfully Cookbook. She lives in Pasadena, California.