How to Eat More Plants

How to Eat More Plants

Transform Your Health with 30 Plant-Based Foods per Week (and Why It's Easier Than You Think)

Megan Rossi


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From the award-winning gut health doctor and author of Love Your Gut comes a medically proven guide—featuring the revolutionary Plant Point plan—that makes it easy to up fuel up on fiber and nutrients by eating 30 or more plant foods each week

“A must-have guide to plant-based eating.”—Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, NYT–bestselling author of Fiber Fueled
“This is the ultimate guidebook for anyone wanting to transform their health in a practical, sustainable way without sacrificing the food they love.”—Carleigh Bodrug, NYT–bestselling author of PlantYou 

This book was previously published in the UK titled Eat Yourself Healthy

Happy gut microbes are the key to our health goals—they support our brain, skin, immunity, hormones, metabolism, and more. In How to Eat More Plants, Dr. Megan Rossi explains how to give your gut what it really craves—variety!

  • Eat 30 different plants per week, to fuel up on fiber and nutrients
    • Each fruit, vegetable, legume, grain, nut, and seed counts as 1 Plant Point—and getting to 30 is easier than you think. 
  • Start your journey with the 28-day Plant Points Challenge
    • Dr. Rossi's 4-week plan makes it fun to get more plants on the menu!
  • Rack up Plant Points with over 80 delicious recipes
    • Fiber-filled breakfasts: Eat-the-Rainbow Pancakes
    • Lighter bites: Leafy Taco Wraps, Butternut Muffins
    • Easy to-go lunches: Roasted Veggie and Freekeh Salad
    • Protein-packed dinners: Stir-fry, five ways; Hearty Lasagna
    • Decadent desserts: Prebiotic Rocky Road, Loaded Melon Wedges
How to Eat More Plants is all about inclusion, not exclusion—whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or just want to eat more veggies. Don't diet—diversify. Your gut will thank you.


Megan Rossi:
MEGAN ROSSI, PhD, RD, The Gut Health Doctor, is one of the most influential gut health specialists internationally. A practicing dietitian and nutritionist with an award-winning PhD in gut health, she is also a leading research fellow at King’s College London, where she is currently investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health, including pre- and probiotics, dietary fibers, plant-based diversity, the low-FODMAP diet, and food additives. She is also the founder of The Gut Health Clinic, where she leads a team of gut-specialist dietitians who see clients all over the world. She is a Daily Mail contributing columnist, a two-time instant Sunday Times–bestselling author, and one of Business Insider’s Top 100 Coolest People in Food & Drink. She lives in London, England.