A Vibrant Culinary Journey Through Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean

Hanady Nabut


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Bright and Deeply Flavorful Dishes From Every Corner of the Mediterranean

Gather your friends and family for a culinary experience not soon to be forgotten: with Mediterranea, Hanady Nabut, founder of Hanady Kitchen, offers 60 authentic and exciting recipes that are as succulent as they are accessible, accompanied by stunning photography. From Hanady’s Palestinian and Spanish heritage and straight to your plate, these profoundly delectable fares—tasty mezze and grains; mouthwatering seafood, meat, and poultry; heavenly desserts; and more—are meant to be shared by many and relished slowly, in the great Mediterranean tradition of eating with gusto.

Whether you are new to the cuisine, you are a home cook looking for everyday inspiration, or you want an easy-yet-delicious meal for your next family gathering, with Hanady’s passionate guidance, you’ll be making crowd-pleasing feasts for the eyes and soul in no time. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of table conversation fodder, as each dish offers a fascinating peek into various flavor profiles and recipe variations from region to region, as well as a deep dive into the history of Mediterranean spices.

With spectacular recipes like Tahini and Honey–Poached Salmon, Braised Lamb Shanks with Tamarind, Saffron Churros with Floral and Orange Syrup, and Fried Eggplant with Carob-Maple Sauce, you’ll never cease to be amazed and inspired. Come to the table hungry and curious, and be prepared to fall in love with all the vibrancy the Mediterranean has to offer.


Hanady Nabut:
Hanady Nabut is the founder of the cooking blog Hanady Kitchen. She infuses her Palestinian/Spanish and American background into what she is most passionate about: namely photography, recipe development, and writing. Her work has notably been featured in Food and Wine and Health, and she lives in Florida with her family.