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Paul Newton:
Paul has been a magician for most of his life, ever since his parents bought him a Paul Daniels magic set for his birthday. Magic has been his main career for over 10 years, having stepped away from the corporate world to follow his passion. He had many different jobs in the past, including working in theatres as a technician, as well as working within sales teams around the country. The last "proper" job Paul had was working for Thomas International helping companies understand their staff better with the use of psychometric assessments. Understanding people and how they tick has helped Paul produce and design shows all around the world. He uses trickery, stagecraft and blatant cheating to entertain and confuse crowds of people. In his book, he explains how his love of magic and mind reading techniques made him realise that people can be duped into giving away their closest secrets. This can include their passwords, PIN numbers and so many other things that could make personal and business security a massive issue. He now travels the world, in person or via the internet, helping people realise that their world could be so much more secure with just a few tweaks. Paul lives on the south coast of England with his wife, his daughter and his soppy dog.|||Jesse studied as an engineer, getting a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. However, his time at university made him realised that his understanding of people is where his skills really lie. Having spent most of his career in sales and marketing roles, he has also become widely known as a photographer, especially for weddings in the South of the UK. With a lot of experience in the security, military and IT sectors, Jesse has not only been a big part of getting the image of MentalTheft right, but also understanding the marketplace. As a photographer, Jesse is extremely proactive in campaigning about positive body image and has been published in a number of articles around the subject. Jesse can be found in the South of England with his wife and their amazing doggy, both of whom have gotten used to having cameras pointed at them.|||Diane is a former Scotland Yard Fingerprint Expert and CSI with 29 years' experience examining crime scenes and fingerprint comparison. When she left the Police, Diane set up Forensic Minds and deliver CSI themed fun and immersive events for corporate clients, educational workshops in schools, colleges and to home educated young people. Based in Norfolk and with my team of former fingerprint experts, CSIs, police officers and private investigators, deliver events across the UK and overseas.