Is This Wi-Fi Organic?

Is This Wi-Fi Organic?

A Guide to Spotting Misleading Science Online (Science Myths Debunked)

Dave Farina


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you will learn: • The real science behind controversial health issues like medications and vaccines • What energy actually is—and how we use it each and every day • A core of scientific knowledge, from biochemistry and molecular biology to theoretical physics, that will help you pull truths from the weeds of misinformation and outright lies Readers captivated by the scientific and technological teachings in science books like Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking, Everybody Lies, and The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe will love Is This WiFi Organic? Social Media • YouTube: Professor Dave Explains – Over 600,000 Subscribers • Podcast: Professor Dave Debates • Instagram: @daveexplains • Twitter: @daveexplains • Website: Promotion Dave plans on promoting the book in the following ways: YouTube — Dave’s YouTube channel, Professor Dave Explains, is set to reach one million subscribers in 2020. He will use his channel to its fullest potential in promoting Molecules and Energy. He will promote through the use of video and community tab posting. Book Tours — Dave will travel to retail outlets willing to feature him in person. Talks/Seminars/Workshops — Dave frequently gives talks to the general public regarding science literacy, as well as seminars and workshops for undergraduate and graduate students at various institutions regarding opportunities in science communication. These events will offer significant crossover with the content of the book, and thus ample promotional opportunities. Podcasts — Dave will promote the book frequently on his own podcast, and will make himself available for appearances on other podcasts for promotional purposes. Science-Themed Magazines — As a way of generating interest in Molecules and Energy, Dave will pitch content to various magazines with a similar target audience.


Dave Farina:

Dave Farina has a BA in chemistry from Carleton College and an MA in science education from California State University, Northridge. After years of teaching chemistry in the classroom, he turned his attention to science communication in 2015, focusing primarily on his YouTube channel Professor Dave Explains.

Dave’s channel serves as a database of nearly a thousand tutorials in a wide variety of scientific fields. These educational videos have just enough detail to help struggling high school and undergraduate students and are visually engaging and general enough for any viewer who just wants to learn a few things.

Although Dave is passionate about helping students all over the world reach their academic and career goals, he is even more passionate about bestowing the public with basic science literacy. Anti-science sentiment has been growing in recent years, and it has demonstrated itself to be harmful to society. Dave is devoted to diagnosing and disarming common anti-science narratives and exposing pseudoscience wherever it crops up.